Ways to Help Us

  • Sponsor a horse
For $150 a month, you can pay for the full care of one of our eighteen permanent residents. 

  • Purchase building supplies
The farm is always in need of horse panels, cattle panels, lumber, and tools.

  • Volunteer time
Weekly stall cleaning, fencing maintenance, and landscaping is needed - horse expertise is welcome

  • Purchase feed
There is a hay and feed fund set up specifically for donations for feeding our horses. Paypal to:


Each one of these horses lives with us - surrendered by their owners; saved from kill-lots; or deserted. Each of them has a safe place to stay with us. Ages from 2 years to twenty-eight, each horse requires some sort of special care, and in the case of the old ones, they need dental care as well as special feed.

When you sponsor one of our horses, you will be given their own personal story, so you can know what kind of life you are saving.

Horses <> Helping <> Humans
~  Denton, TX 76207~ 940-442-9574 ~ ARTHorseTherapy@gmail.com