Purebred Arabian Stallion Rescued 10/07

Purebred Arabian stallion rescued 10/07 

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Hard Times

Whatever the reason, we have seen hundreds of horses over the last eleven years in bad shape. Whether coming in from public auction, surrendered by owners who need help, or seized by local authorities and given to us to foster, we have had more than our share of heartbreak stories.

Thankfully, due to an incredible network of dedicated horse lovers, we have found amazing homes for all of the horses we have brought in to help. With the exception of our permanent, unadoptable residents, we have rehabbed, re-homed and placed over 120 Arabians and Half-Arabians... and those are just the ones we have laid hands on. That number rises to thousands with networking.

It was a natural match to join our horses with those who have suffered trauma. The connection is powerful. As is the healing.

Remember, you CAN  make a difference, one horse, one human at a time.